Product Refining Imprimer

A perfect program for refining product on the green and on the hard side turns quality paving stones into decorative yet maintenance free design products.

Various refining procedures such as washing out or brushing concrete on the green side or antiquing, tumbling, grinding, abrasive blasting etc. on the hard side are available in our product line. The systems turn concrete products into incredibly versatile hardscape design elements.

The Rekers Stone Antiquer- Engineered to create value in concrete. The unique patented REKERS Stone Antiquer is the industry’s only true “in-line” processor that treats the product directly on the production board. It is the ideal retro-fit solution requiring little space, can treat all sizes / shapes of product in a single mould and multiple antiquer units installed to match a required cycle time. The system enables the top surface and edges of paving products to be distressed while remaining on their production board “in-line” on the cured product conveyor.

  • The products remain on the production board during processing
  • Different sizes and shapes of product in the same layer can now be processed
  • Large, thin products (slabs) that cannot be tumbled can now be processed
  • Easy, compact installation into the existing cured product line - no bypass line is required
  • Only the top surface and edges are distressed so that the existing cubing and
    packaging process is not affected
  • Processing is done without any additional labour cost

Typical output for a single stage system is 180 m² per hour (250 m²/h on a two stage system). Contact us for more information on this issue.



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