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Engineered to reproduce nature in concrete. The innovative and patented REKERS Color Blending System can blend up to six different face-mix colors in a controlled and reproducible manner, from the first to the last machine cycle. The degree and type of blending can be selected, from shaded to mottled to stripped to flecked to random, to achieve a uniquely natural impression.

Unlimited design options - Natural Impression. The result is an overwhelmingly natural look of the pavers: Not just mixing but blending different shades lead to spotted or striped designs with natural appearance. The control system leaves it up to the operator whether the design shall be produced repetitively or randomly.

Patented Procedure. We take pride in the fact that together with one of our customers Rekers received the US Patent No. 7,572,048 B2 for its Color-Blending-System, known as "Apparatus for highly controlled color distribution in mass produced concrete products".







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