Project Description

Tilt mould machine RK3

The REKERS tilt mould machine RK3 is an automatic vibrating-press particularly suitable for the production of concrete elements of medium or large dimensions.

With its large forming area the machine is suitable for producing concrete products as: culverts, rings, drainage traps, inspection chambers, road curbstones, New Jersey barriers, water channels, lids, and many others elements, either with or without steel reinforcement.

The REKERS tilt mould machine RK3 is equipped with a robust press, featuring 2 powerful vibrators which allows the moulding of concrete elements, even with differentiated compressions across their surface. Vibration is performed by vibrators connected directly to the mould by means of fast couplings, and locked on special steel supports. This vibration system together with our extractor device allows to produce concrete products without or with a little conical shape.

The REKERS tilt mould machine RK3 is available in mobile version as well as stationary version.