Project Description


The innovative pateneted REKERS colour blending system is capable of  accurately dosing up to 6 differently coloured fresh concrete mixes into an exact position in the facemix hopper.  This makes it possible to produce natural looking textured surface finishes with an attractive colour blend play.

The many set-up possibilities via the control system allow for facemix layers with a shaded, stripped or mottled appearance.  The facemix blends can be repeated or randomized to achieve a uniquely natural look.

–    was developed for 3-6 colour blends (patented)
–    the free-programmable system controls how the different coloured concretes in variable dosages are batched onto the collecting conveyor
–    the swivel conveyor controls the loading of the facemix hopper
–    the facemix hopper can be fitted with optional dividing walls
–    the facemix hopper is smaller / feedbox is modified
–    job proven