We, as a family-run and family-owned company, look back on a wonderful Bauma week, thanks to the numerous participants. Many conversations were held and many topics were discussed, and for that we want to say THANK YOU!

This year we presented the RS 4 KV block and paver machine with various new highlights. Among other things, the magnetic tamper clamping system, and the new type of mold clamping unit for existing molds from conventional machines caused quite a stir. However, the outstanding highlight was the FULLY AUTOMATIC MOLD CHANGE, which could be presented to the large audience in less than 2 minutes and generated great interest.

The almost limitless equipment possibilities of the RS series with fully automatic reinforcement or Styrofoam inserting device, draw plate device and core puller enable the production of new types of products. A special highlight in times of energy crisis are the servo-electric driven coarse and face mix feedboxes, which are designed by toothed belt instead of rack and pinion. In addition to the more compact design of the block machine with less moving parts, the electric feedbox drive stands for an unbeatable energy-saving operation with performance data that easily stands up to any comparison.

The innovative and patented Compact Color Blending System continued to generate great interest. The precise dosing in combination with repeatability of the Color-Blending System for high-quality products have been proven many times over.

We were very pleased that so many long-standing partners and new business potentials showed their interest in our innovations. The extreme positive feedback also strengthens us to continue our strategy to develop and innovate further. We are grateful for the overwhelming interest expressed by all visitors, the pleasant discussions, versatile suggestions, and positive feedback.

An extraordinarily large number of inquiries were received. Even though some of them are already being processed, the complete processing of all inquiries will still take some time due to the large number. As a precaution, we ask for your patience and understanding in this regard. We will contact you shortly if any details need to be clarified.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact the REKERS team (Email: angebot@rekers.de; Phone: +49 5977 936-0).

With kind regards

Your REKERS Team