Project Description

Steinformmaschine KRS 3

The REKERS KRS3 is a hydraulically operated universal block machine with the optional vario-servo vibrator and is known for its high performance and excellent flexibility.  The intuitive control makes this the ideal machine for the economic production of paving stones, large slabs, kerbs, hollow /solid blocks and special products.

The mould and tamper carriages are fitted with torsion bar levers to ensure they remain level and are operated hydraulically as are the feedboxes.  The optional pneumaticaally operated quick change mould suspension / tamper clamping ensure that the mould change down-time is reduced to a minimum.  The static / table bars are fitted with low-wear strips.

The complete facemix section of the KRS3 can be unclamped and hinged away for an simple mould change as well as allowing an easy machine clean-up.

The hinge direction can be selected at the design stage.
The KRS3 can be fitted with a wide range of options such as:
-- Tamper brush lengthways or crossways
-- Rotating tamper brush
-- Colourmix drawplate in face / coarsemix hopper
-- Draw plate – Insertion device for insulation pads
-- Core puller device
-- Mould change device
-- Central greasing
-- Hydraulic feedbox scraper front and back

REKERS KRS3 Block Machine and Handling System (Muenstermann)

REKERS KRS3 Block Machine and Handling System (Mackiewicz)