Presse à pavés RS 4

The RS4 can do it all!
The RS4 is a technologically advanced, truly versatile machine. Due to its unique characteristics, the RS4 is not just suitable for the production of standard products like paving- and curbstones, block and slabs, but also for producing extremely thin products down to a height of only 15 mm / 1“. As the RS4s production board supply is turned by 90°, the mould is freely accessible from the side of the machine. This way, materials like reinforcement steel or Styrofoam can be added easily to the mould.

The RS4 can be fitted with a wide range of options such as:
– automatic exchange of tamper and mould
– draw plate longitudinally and across
– core puller
– inserting device for styrofoam
– inserting device for reinforcement
– tamperbrush across
– colour blending
– board aligning system


Rekers Team

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